5 Reasons Why This Portable Blender Is On Everyone's Summer Wishlist 🎉 

Here are five good reasons you should ditch the heaviest, most expensive, and time-consuming juicer machines in your kitchen and grab the world’s most convenient and easy-to-pick juicer bottle with a mini but powerful blender inside!

1. Hit Your Daily Macros in a Convenient, Fastest Way!

The Blend Buddy™ is designed to help you stay healthy and hydrated through prolonged exercise, weekends, and hectic days. Serious workouts call for considerable protein consumption and complete hydration. 

Grab the bottle to make your smoothie instantly in the easiest way. Just put your favorite fruits with milk or chilled water inside, click the button, and here you go; Enjoy your drink!

2. Nutritiously Satisfy Your Cold Drink Cravings Anywhere, Anytime!

Ditch your old smelly plastic juicers and shakers and say hello to the food-grade, non-odor absorbing glass blending bottle!

Don’t give your busy routines the upper hand; take care of your health and spare just a few seconds to make your healthy shake or smoothie. 

Refresh yourself anytime because Blend Buddy™ is a rechargeable, portable blending bottle you can carry around.

3. Safe and Leakproof Design!

With a streamlined design, Blend Buddy™ comes with a secure, magnetic lid and comfortable carry loop. You won't have to worry about losing the cap. 

The magnetic introduction technology stops blending when the jar's lid is taken off. Blend Buddy is built to haul around all the juices you need effortlessly. Toss the bottle in your car or gym bag; don't worry when it tilts.

4. Ward off All the Germs and Stay Defensive! 

Forget the artificial shakes and juices with unhygienic ingredients and unsanitary disposable plastic bottles. Take a healthy sip straight from our BPA-Free and eco-friendly jar! 

We invented the Blend Buddy™ keeping your health in mind. You can make fresh juices in seconds and clean them in a pinch. 

Simply pour antibacterial dishwashing liquid with water, shake it or turn on the blender for a few seconds. You don’t have to waste time scrubbing or brushing it!

5. The Fastest Growing Portable Blender Community! 

We have over 10,000,000 organic views for our #blendbuddy hashtag across social media! The Blend Buddy has also been featured in some of the largest publications.

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What are you waiting for? Blend Buddy™ is on sale now!





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